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hunter-douglas window treatments

Window Treatments

Window Treatments


We view window treatments as more than just a design essential for your home. The ideal window treatments add style to your home, but also add privacy and in some cases, energy efficiency. At Griswold Carpet One Floor & Home, we proudly offer custom window treatments and draperies for all budgets and styles. If you have thought, where are the best window treatments near me, stop by our showroom and speak with our sales professionals.


Our featured window treatment brand is Lafayette Interior Fashions. Each product is designed and crafted in The U.S. and they are proactive in educating customers about their child-safe products.


Benefits of Window Treatments


Window treatments serve many different functions, and one of them is fade protection. Whether you choose shutters, shades, blinds or curtains, they will protect your floors and furniture. Things like flooring and furniture that are exposed to sunlight for most of the day can become damaged by the UV rays and will fade or start cracking over time. Save your investments from this unwanted damage by making budget friendly investments.


You will also see an improvement in the privacy of your home. That means you can control when you allow natural light into your home, or your neighbors. Privacy is one of the selling points of window treatments. Our motorized treatments make it even easier to schedule when you want your treatments to adjust with just the press of a button. Many motorized options are compatible with smart home technology so a truly touch-free experience.


Window treatments also help to insulate your home from outside weather. When it is very hot outside the covering on your windows prevent the heat from entering inside. In the same way, during winter, the heat from inside the room does not escape outside letting you enjoy the warmth inside. So you will be using less of the heating and cooling devices, ultimately leading to energy savings and energy efficiency.


Types of Window Treatments


Blinds - Made of wood, metal, or plastic, blinds are a great option for filtering light. Metal blinds are particularly easy to clean. Blinds give you the best control over light and privacy, and can completely block anything looking in from the outside.


Shades - For those preferring full darkness or extreme privacy, shades are a smart alternative. Some types of shades, including honeycomb shades, can actually help maintain indoor air temperatures. Shades are great for diffusing light into a soft glow in your space.


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