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Carpet Store in Jackson, MI

Today there are a variety of performance features incorporated into modern carpets. And if you’re looking for a local carpet store near you in Jackson, MI, visit Griswold Carpet One Floor & Home! We can assist you in finding the best carpet for your lifestyle. We not only have stain-resistant products, but also allergy-friendly carpets, luxuriously soft fibers, and even waterproof technology. When you shop for any type of flooring, you should think about your activity level, where you want to install it, and how soft you want your new carpet to be.


Keep reading to learn more about carpets and which style is right for you.


What Are the Basic Styles of Carpet?

How often the carpet will be walked on, what types of accidents could happen, and how you want it to feel can all change the end decision on your carpet purchase. Don’t forget, while functionality is essential, it’s also crucial that you enjoy what your floor looks like. Creating harmony in your home is essential to living in a place you love – balance function with style by choosing the right type of carpet. 


There are two basic styles of carpet:


What Are The 6 Types of Carpeting?

Before choosing your perfect carpet, consider the different carpet types that make up each carpet. Are you looking for something soft and plush underfoot? Maybe you want to host a party without the worry of stains or spills. Either way, there is a carpet type just for you! Keep reading for a closer look at the different types of carpet fibers and their benefits.


Nylon Fiber

Nylon is popular because of its durability and long-lasting qualities. Nylon does need to be treated to be resistant to staining.


Polyester Fiber

Polyester is less expensive than nylon but features some of the same durability. Manufacturing technology continues to improve the quality of polyester and make it comparable to the durability of nylon.


Triexta Fiber

Trixeta is a newer fiber type and is inherently durable. Unlike nylon fibers, it does not need to be treated to be stain resistant.


Olefin & Polypropylene Fibers

These fibers are perfect for decorative rugs and carpets. We suggest putting these types of rugs and carpets in quiet places around your home.


Wool Fiber

While this carpet type is the most expensive type, it remains a favorite among homeowners. Wool is a popular and natural fiber that is dense and helps to trap dust and dirt.  We love wool because it is a hypoallergenic option, and it is also easy to clean and maintain. This carpeting type can be easily vacuumed up instead of floating in your breathing zone.


Do You Offer Pet-Friendly Carpeting?

Yes! While no carpet is entirely stain-proof, today’s technology is still leaps and bounds from the past. We offer both waterproof and pet-friendly carpets with an industrial backing that blocks spills from moving to your carpet pad and subfloor. This is combined with stain-resistant fibers to provide ultimate performance in active homes with pets and young children.


How it works:


Where Can My Carpet Be Installed?

As many have heard, carpeting does best in rooms where you want the relaxation factor. Keep these factors in mind when choosing your area of installation:

Walkways and stairs were once impractical for carpet flooring. However, with new technology comes new carpet that can resist heavy traffic.

Shop Your Local Carpet Store - Griswold Carpet One

Here at Griswold Carpet One, we can help you find the carpet for you with our exclusive Select-A-Floor™ system while keeping your preferences in mind. We also carry exclusive brands such as Relax it’s…Lees® and Tigressá® as part of the Carpet One cooperative. Ready to get started? Shop our online selection or visit our showroom in Jackson, MI today!



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How to Clean Carpet Properly


You can get years of enjoyment out of your carpet by cleaning it correctly. It’s not as difficult as you may think!





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